RTO Advance provides an internal audit service to assist our clients to maintain a quality assured and compliant RTO. An internal audit is the best way to maintain compliance and to prepare for an upcoming regulatory audit. We provide the RTO with an audit report and action plan and can help fix identified non-compliances.


Many RTOs have been involved in regulatory issues with ASQA and as a result, are looking for a cost-effective way to maintain a high degree of ongoing operational compliance. The Australian VET industry operates within a complex and constantly changing regulatory environment. For many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) this represents a significant governance and compliance burden which impacts both the time available for core business and the bottom line. The cost of the systems and resources required to handle compliance can appear to be unsustainable.

Current audit practice focuses on document-based evidence, which requires excellent record keeping and detailed administrative work performed by staff that are able to adapt to regular changes in regulations and standards. The cost of compliance includes your administrative infrastructure, record keeping and the management of your training and assessment activities.

The amount of training and assessment you conduct often justifies engaging external experts to assist staff to manage the wide range of compliance work that can include:

        • - implementing effective governance procedures
        • - undertaking regular course reviews
        • - monitoring and updating policies and procedures
        • - confirming the competencies training staff hold
        • - monitoring and assisting in maintaining currency of training staff
        • - conducting independent validation of assessment tools
        • - participating in regular industry engagement activities


By staying ahead of the game, through addressing compliance and any identified regulatory issues before they occur, RTOs can avoid the costly and time-consuming task of rectifying non-compliances that can cause problems with the regulator. Many of these cases involve the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and incur substantial legal and consultant fees.

RTO Advance has the expertise and staff who can provide ongoing RTO quality assurance and compliance support. We have found that by undertaking scheduled internal compliance reviews and providing ongoing help desk and administrative support, our clients remain up to date with their regulatory requirements.

This service includes:

        • - an internal audit against the Standards for RTOs 2015 - and if the RTO is CRICOS registered, the ESOS Act and National Code 2018 and CRICOS providers delivering English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).
        • - a comprehensive audit report that identifies any non-compliances
        • - an action plan setting out any rectification recommendations