If your RTO is coming up for registration renewal, you should maximise the opportunity for success and avoid the costs of audit rectification and possible regulatory sanctions.

In the current dynamic Australian regulatory environment for the vocational education and training sector, our expert team of RTO advisors understand that an extremely thorough approach is required to ensure an RTO’s readiness for audit.

RTO Advance has over three decades industry experience in working with successful RTO’s to assess their readiness for regulatory audits, and to assist with implementing operational and academic improvements.

The key message is to start early.

Don’t leave your preparations to the last minute, as this could be a very costly mistake for your business. We advise our clients to commence audit preparations at least eight (8) months prior to their RTO re-registration date.

Our suggested proactive approach anticipates ASQA requests for documents, which can occur six (6) months prior to the audit date. However, we can help if your timeframe is much shorter.

Our solid track record of success with RTO re-registration advisory services is based on the following three phases:

RTO Health Check Phase I :

A detailed two-day internal audit to establish the current situation of your RTO’s compliance, so that we have a clear understanding of current alignment with the VET Quality Framework (VQF).  If your RTO is registered for CRICOS, the internal audit will review compliance with the ESOS Act and the National Code of Practice. The results of the audit are presented with an Action Plan with a timeframe for implementation.

RTO Health Check Phase II :

The Action Plan will set out a range of tasks that need to be completed and implemented in priority order. The implementation actions are usually undertaken by RTO Advance together with your RTO’s staff.

However, the time and cost of Phase II varies depending on the degree of work required, and the capacity and expertise of your staff to undertake the rectification and implementation. On some occasions, RTO Advance has undertaken all the improvement actions required.

RTO Health Check Phase III :

RTO Advance advisors will conduct an internal re-audit and risk assessment prior to your RTO’s ASQA audit, to verify your organisation’s readiness.

Next Steps:

At the completion of Phase I, a detailed costing will be provided for Phases II and III of the project.

Phase I of the internal audit will examine:

1. Administrative issues

Reviewing policies, procedures and administration of the RTO, including student records; focusing on student enrolment, human resource management, marketing materials (including the website), strategic planning, feedback collection and analysis, continuous improvement processes, and associated documentation

2. Training & Assessment Issues

Focusing on Training and Assessment Strategies, the qualifications and experience of trainers and assessors, assessment validation and moderation and industry consultation

It is essential that all of your RTO documentation is available for review at the audit, and that appropriate personnel are available to explain how the documentation is accessed and utilised within your education enterprise.

Project Fee

The Project Fee for Phase I is $4,620 +GST which covers the cost of:

  • Two-day audit conducted by RTO Advance advisor;
  • Providing a list of non-compliances; and
  • an Action Plan arising from the audit.

The above fee does not include travel costs outside of the Sydney metro areas, and these are charged at an economy rate and detailed for approval by the RTO prior to the project commencing.

The RTO Advance team of advisors are available for on-site audits in the Sydney metropolitan, Penrith, Newcastle, and Wollongong areas.

Off-site audits can be arranged via Zoom teleconferencing and documents being accessed by Dropbox or Google Drive.