Our team of skilled RTO advisors have a wide range of experience across all educational sectors, and possess the proven skills to develop solutions to assist vocational education providers and enterprises successfully develop and rapidly expand their business. It saves your business money to engage our experts to manage your compliance and quality assurance, rather than hire a full-time Compliance Manager.

Our RTO Compliance & Audit Rectification Advisors have in-depth experience and expertise across all training and educational sectors, gained from quite literally working at the coal face of Australia's education industry. They have the ability to develop creative and workable RTO compliance frameworks to help vocational education providers and enterprises develop and expand to achieve sustainable market share, based on providing quality training and assessment services.

Managing the operations of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is a demanding and complex task. It involves significant time and investment in governance, quality based systems and compliance. The time spent dealing with these essential issues means that you and your staff have less time to spend on core business activities including maximising sales and business growth.

You might also like to download our [FREE] RTO COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST FOR CEOs to assist you with your initial self-audit submission.


To make these regulatory tasks easier to manage, and to allow you time to focus on the big picture, RTO Advance provides quality RTO compliance support and compliance advisory services where we customise, structure and manage a governance and compliance framework for your business. By staying ahead of the game, through addressing compliance and regulatory problems before they occur, RTOs can avoid the costly and time-consuming task of rectifying non-compliances that may involve the risk of losing their registration.

RTO Advance offers annual Quality Assurance Compliance Package services tailored to meet the specific requirements of large, medium and small Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Our Quality Assurance Compliance Packages can include the following tasks:


  • RTO Advance conducting an internal audit to establish the current compliance status of your RTO against the VET Quality Framework.
  • Preparing a Governance and Compliance Charter that aligns with regulatory requirements. Typically this involves establishing a series of operational committees, such as a Quality Assurance Committee, Industry Advisory Committee and a Course Review Committee which operate within clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Chairing your Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)
  • Participating as a member of the Industry Advisory Committee and reviewing the meeting minutes
  • Participating as a member of the Course Review Committee and reviewing the meeting minutes
  • Answering email or telephone inquiries on compliance matters via our help desk

Based on our experience, the time required to meet the needs and complexities of each RTO primarily depends on its size:


  • 12 days consulting time per year
  • 2 hours telephone / email compliance advice per month

Package $21,100/year + GST


  • 8 days consulting time per year
  • 2 hours telephone / email compliance advice per month

Package $14,740/year + GST


  • 4 days consulting time per year
  • 1 hour telephone / email compliance advice per month

Package $7,370/year + GST

Packages include monthly or quarterly audits against particular Standard(s), with an action plan for any rectification required provided. In addition, you gain access to our expert compliance consultants, gain confidence in compliance and regulatory issues, peace of mind for RTO governance and administration matters, as well as up-to-date VET industry knowledge and intelligence

We provide a discounted fee based on an agreed number of days per year, and we encourage clients to invest in building robust compliance and monitoring systems.