Advancing Australia’s VET Sector. curated industry news #06 2020

Online learning continues to be a major focus for all of us in 2020 and beyond, so we’ve included some recent high level articles published by the Harvard Business Review and Financial Times in this newsletter, along with some commentary from Neil Mosley, a digital learning consultant from the UK, on the minimum viable online learning experience and the challenges going online present to educators and education providers worldwide.

Focusing on our home environment here in Australia, ASQA released its 2019-20 Annual Report last month. While it’s no surprise it makes for sombre reading at first, Chief Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer Saxon Rice manages to maintain an upbeat outlook overall with a real commitment to increased organisational flexibility and evolution in supporting the sector to achieve better regulation.

“From the nationwide bushfires in late 2019 to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, this period presented a series of unique challenges for the VET sector. These national crises have had pronounced effects, both on providers’ ability to operate, and how they operate.

…as we implement reform measures, the nature and scope of how we undertake our regulatory responsibilities is continuing to evolve. Our regulatory approach focuses on outcomes which encourage providers to improve their performance to achieve excellence in training outcomes, and to ensure that compliance with their obligations is a core part of their business.

While the year ahead will undoubtedly bring new and enduring challenges, it equally brings an exciting period of transition and opportunity for both ASQA and the wider VET sector. Our ongoing commitment to implementing the Rapid Review recommendations has already led to a more efficient and responsive agency, positioning us well to continue working together with our stakeholders for better regulation and quality VET outcomes.”

In a sign of the times, the 2021 NCVER ‘No Frills’ conference will be held virtually and fully online for its 30th anniversary event. Save the date for 7-9 July 2021 to tune in, with next year’s theme focusing on ‘the past informing the future’ with a lookback over how the VET landscape has changed and evolved over the last three decades.

We will have a round up for you in our next and last news for 2020, and we’re very much looking forward to the end of this ‘unprecedented’ year!

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