Advancing Australia’s VET Sector – curated industry news #02 2022

 Equity in education is a topic close to our hearts here at RTO Advance.

Following analysis of data on equity group participation and outcomes in the vocational education sector released by NCVER last month, Claire Field in the Campus Morning Mail says it has become clear that participation and attainment must be lifted to ensure learners from equity groups achieve the same outcomes as other students.

“What should shock everyone working in VET is that despite the incredible efforts of so many VET trainers and support staff, the sector has achieved so little over the years for people with disability, Indigenous learners and for those speaking a language other than English at home… We need to ask ourselves honestly – in the last 30 years what have we achieved?”

Let’s hope that with the coming election, equity in education comes to the forefront and we agree with Claire’s statement that “it is beyond time for a truly bipartisan, national effort to refocus the VET sector on equity.”

On another topic you know we are always keen to support is an ongoing focus on digital education and online learning. The Conversation recently outlined ‘why the return of international students to campus shouldn’t spell the end of digital learning’.

Four ways to keep continually improving digital education would be to offer flexibility and hybrid learning; promote belonging and online communities; place student well-being at the forefront; and internationalise learning for all students.

“It is crucial for curriculum content and online teaching and learning experiences to be internationalised. The future world of work is ever more global and digital. To prepare graduates for this highly connected world, universities must develop hybrid curriculum and learning experiences that include international and intercultural dimensions.”

And Claire Field again with another topic we love to champion: the rise of microcredentials. Commenting on the release of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment new National Microcredentials Framework which she sees as “a solid piece of work” even if some have described it as ‘the framework you have when you’re not having a framework’.

“Universities have made a significant investment in the platform and are to be commended for being so farsighted, as well as for now inviting other providers to also use it.”

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