Sean Crumlin

Sean has over three decades of expertise in organisational policy and development management, as well as compliance, audit and evaluation services. Prior to joining RTO Advance, Sean held the position of Director of Performance Audit with the NSW Audit Office for ten years, and as such he brings his wealth of knowledge and in-depth expertise in compliance and audit to the RTO Advance consultancy team.

While with the NSW Audit Office, Sean reported to the Assistant Auditor General for Performance Audit and was responsible for leading the activities of four performance audit teams to investigate the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of government agencies and deliver high quality, timely audit reports to Parliament.

Sean has also held various previous positions within the NSW Police Force, including Director, Executive Support where his role was to provide excellent support for the Commissioner's Executive Team through coordinated correspondence and advisory functions. A key achievement at this time included improving and integrating the decision-making process of the Executive Team, as well as designing and implementing an improved corporate governance process.

As Executive Director, Organisational Policy and Development reporting to the NSW Commissioner of Police, Sean was responsible for providing an integrated approach to policy, planning, implementation and review within the NSW Police Force. This included facilitating the design and implementation of two successive Police Commissioner's strategic blueprints for the future, and he additionally acted as an Executive Coach for senior police officers. Sean has also held senior management roles in the NSW Ombudsman's Office and Telstra.