Introducing our new desk audit and benchmarking service for existing RTOs against the VET Quality Framework (VQF) and Standards for RTO’s 2015 to assess your RTO’s level of compliance. This service is also available for CRICOS registered organisations.

Our team of expert advisors will guide you through the internal audit process using Dropbox to exchange documents and files and work with your team members. We can also include video conferencing if required. This proactive approach both provides an opportunity for your staff members to upskill for the audit process and eliminates travel and associated time costs associated with bringing in outside consultants. Win-Win!

This is also an important step for your organisation to begin using compliance as a springboard for increased business expansion by setting a benchmark for excellence and leveraging a positive approach to learner-centred innovation to Comply and Grow your RTO.


Our RTO Desk Audit service is tailored for existing RTOs and is also ideal for existing CRICOS approved RTOs.It includes:

An internal audit against the VET Quality Framework (VQF) and Standards for RTO’s 2015 to assess the level of compliance; identification of any non-compliances that require rectification; development of an action plan to address any identified non-compliances; and for CRICOS approved RTOs, the service also includes an audit of the ESOS Act and National Code 2018.


Activities include:

a. Administrative issues

Reviewing policies, procedures and administration of the RTO, including student records; focussing on administration processes, trainer files, marketing materials, feedback collection and analysis, continuous improvement processes, and associated documentation

b. Training & Assessment Issues

Focussing on Training and Assessment Strategies, the qualifications and experience of trainers and assessors, assessment validation and moderation and industry consultation.

RTO Advance will have responsibility for:

  • Providing a list of documents to be provided by the RTO
  • Providing the RTO with a Dropbox link to transfer the documents to
  • Conducting an audit of documents and student files
  • Providing a list of non-compliances that outlines essential work to be done
  • Providing an action plan to address the gaps


RTO Advance fees are $4,620 plus GST which covers the cost of: -

  • - review of documentation
  • - the desk audit
  • - audit report and action plan to address issues arising from the audit
  • - a verbal debrief of the audit


This fee does not include RTO Advance undertaking any rectification activity. Should you wish RTO Advance’s further involvement, we would be able to provide a costing and the process involved to rectify any identified non-compliances after the completion of the audit.


Our services are backed by over 10 years solid experience in assisting RTOs, managing continuous improvement and the conducting compliance audits. However, as the audits use sampled documents, no guarantee can be provided that each and every non-compliance is identified in a desk audit. RTO Advance can provided a customised proposal and upon acceptance by the RTO, the audit date will be scheduled.