We have developed a series of free downloads for RTOs to assist you and your team to successfully navigate a clear path for your RTO to stay ahead in these challenging times.

You may also be interested in finding out more about our new Remote Internal Audit Service, which aims to help proactive registered training organisations maintain their industry lead year-round.

Action Plan Template for Transition to New Training Package and Addition of Qualification to Scope 

This Action Plan provides a step by step method for the transition to a new training package and the addition of a new qualification(s) to the RTO’s scope of registration.

COVID-19 Training & Assessment Amendment Template

RTOs are required to have documented training and assessment strategies that align to actual practice. Where delivery modes change from face-to-face to distance delivery, the strategies must also be updated.

Course Review and Plan Checklist

In light of the changes required to maintain social distancing and isolation during Covid-19 it would be timely to conduct a review at the end of the first study period/term of the learning and assessment materials. The aim of the review is to identify and rectify any areas in delivery and assessment that are presenting a challenge to either the trainers or students.

Rapid Transition to Online Learning Checklist 

This document contains key information, links and guidance for providers significantly affected by COVID-19.