Advancing Australia’s VET Sector – curated industry news #09 2021

The majority of the current discussion on Australia’s education sector has focused on the conundrum of international students. With 300,000 students stuck overseas, tens of thousands choosing to study in other countries and the loss of $10 billion in export revenue in a single year, the international education sector is up in arms after Education Minister Alan Tudge dodged any commitment to providing a clear road map for the return of significant numbers of international student

‘Exasperated and exhausted’ the education sector has been desperately seeking a solid plan. Universities have been fuming and the students themselves are seething as the original national plan is seen to have gone to waste.

Additionally, the ability of Australia’s international student sector to recuperate from its current pandemic-induced crisis is the equivalent of long COVID, requiring an extended recovery time and possibly permanent side effects, says one expert.

“You can’t close your borders for 30 plus months and expect everything to bounce back instantaneously,” said Jonathan Chew, head of strategic insights and analytics at Navitas.


We’ve outlined all of the mentioned articles below if you can’t access them through the Australian Financial Review paywall through the links.

Big changes are also heading their way for the VET sector from January 2023 following recommendations in the Joyce review for reform of the confirmed industry advisory arrangements.

We’ve also included a fantastic thought piece from Claire Field of Claire Field & Associates on Australia’s online education innovation being more than just an emergency response to the global pandemic.

Lots of food for thought, let’s see what the next weeks leading to the end of the year bring us! Access our latest curated industry news here >>