Advancing Australia’s VET Sector – curated industry news #01 2022

We are going to start the year on a positive note, with the findings from the 2021 CHLOE Report on the Changing Landscape of Online Education.

2021 is viewed as ‘the year when online education travelled forward in time’ and includes the key takeaways that Higher Education is more agile than anyone had previously believed and that the global pandemic will continue to accelerate online learning growth.

With the very welcome news of ‘tens of thousands’ of international students returning to our shores for the new education year, the topic of international students in Australia remains contentious.

Now recognised as a vital part of Australia’s workforce in many industries, the return of international students this year had not just universities sighing with relief.

However, international students already based in Australia have reported dissatisfaction that actual career opportunities in Australia don’t match their qualifications, and Australia has now plunged in popularity as an international study destination for a variety of reasons.

In the Year of Tiger and after a tumultuous two years of living through the global pandemic, let’s all of us hope that this new lunar year will be as full of vitality and bravery as the tiger. ROAR!
Wishing you all every success this year.

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