Advancing Australia’s VET Sector #8 2017

It has been a busy couple of months for the Australian VET sector, with the 2017 APIEF & ACPET conference marking the celebration of 25 years of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training in August and the recent National VET Conference hosted by VELG Training.

There has been lots of discussion at these conferences on the role of regulators in the new world of work, which is globalised and technology-focused. A lot of interesting points being raised, and this adds to continued industry discussion around ASQA’s regulatory strategy for 2017/2018 – which will renew its focus on the capability of trainers and assessors, as well as international education and in particular, CRICOS registration applicants.

Without adding more points of view to the already active ASQA regulatory discussion, we had some great interaction regarding the recent shared feature article Is the aim of education to prepare people for the workforce or improve lives?

It’s fairly safe to say that we are all heading in the direction that education is a motivating force for educators to share knowledge with students, who will in turn become “participants in the intelligent redirection of society.”

The Future of Work is at the top of many education minds these days, and below we have featured a series of articles on this topic from KPMG and the Australian Financial Review as part of their ‘Future of Education’ series. This series examines the changing needs in education and training for the future workforce:

“Throughout the world, workplaces and the activities taking place within them are experiencing a period of profound change. Jobs that have existed for years are disappearing while emerging technologies are creating entirely new ones in their place. The trend poses significant challenges for both employees and employers. Each group must come to terms with the implications of the changes and what the concept of work will look like in coming years.”

Great food for thought for perhaps pivoting the direction of your RTO and extending its capabilities to scale for growth. We’ve included a guest blog post from Marcus Sellen & Associates on leveraging compliance to create value within your Registered Training Organisation that you may also find thought-provoking.

We were also privileged to visit the new Navitas Sydney Hyde Park campus recently: state-of-the-art and designed specifically for collaboration and fostering a sense of community when learning vocationally. We absolutely loved it, and we’re sure students will too.

This is a really fantastic example of a ‘student-first’ and learner-centric approach to vocational education that is being endorsed by ASQA. We’ve outlined how you too could leverage this approach through our Comply & Grow industry white paper and program.

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Judith Bowler, Educational Strategist & Founder