Advancing Australia’s VET Sector #7 2017

This month we highlight the groundbreaking implications of the new ASQA approach, which focuses on the practices and behaviours of Registered Training Organisations, as well as continuing to check on the compliance of each organisation’s systems and processes.

All RTOs undertaking re-registration this year will need to align with the new ASQA approach, with the potential for non-compliance issues to have occurred (or have the potential to occur) across several stages of the learner journey, including; marketing and recruitment, enrolment, support and progression, training and assessment, and completion. This new audit approach also has a focus on assessing the impact of any non-compliance on learners and undertaking remedial actions, which can include the requirement to reassess past and current students.

We believe the new ASQA learner-centred audit approach presents a key opportunity for RTO owners and managers to leverage compliance to unlock their true business potential and start scaling their business for success, and have released an industry white paper ‘Comply & Grow Your RTO’ on this theme. Read the media release here >>

ASQA has explained that this new audit model reflects a risk-based approach to regulation, which targets regulatory resources “towards providers that are identified as posing the greatest risk to the quality of Australia’s vocational education and training and international education sectors”. More details on the groundbreaking implications of the new ASQA audit approach are outlined in this guest blog post by Marcus Sellen of Marcus Sellen & Associates.

Outside of Australia, worldwide there is a very real and current drive towards resurrecting vocational education as a solution to dealing with the social and economic challenges of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution period that we find ourselves on the cusp of entering – where automation and globalisation will become the new normal.

In response, Australia’s Mitchell Institute and FYA have issued timely reports on ‘Preparing Young People for the Future of Work’ and Thriving in the New Work Order respectively. Some essential reading for those of us forging a path ahead in the Australian VET sector to ensure high quality learning and assessment, and equality in education access.

We’ll leave you with a nod towards Finland as an example of what can be achieved, with the World Economic Forum lauding it as an ‘education miracle’. Take heart, it can be done.

We look forward to seeing you all the 2017 APIEF & ACPET National Conference this week in Brisbane, and look forward to your thoughts on our ‘Comply & Grow Your RTO’ industry white paper in response to the new ASQA audit approach.

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Judith Bowler, Educational Strategist & Founder