Advancing Australia’s VET Sector. Curated industry news #05 2018

Moving onto a broader view of the state of tertiary education in Australia, spanning higher education as well as vocational education and training, the Mitchell Institute have provided commentary that it’s now time to start thinking about future participation rates. A smaller proportion of people are expected to take up tertiary education over the next decade if recent trends continue, meaning we’ll have fewer qualified people to support our workforce as older people retire.

“The consequences of declining participation in tertiary education for Australia’s future challenges to increase workforce participation and workforce productivity are serious.”

It’s essential we get this right. The good news is that Australia is at the very least getting something very right in the education sphere, with a focus on fostering learning based not only on knowledge but also on capabilities. It has been identified that in the future of work, the capabilities of creative thinking, collaboration, perseverance and self-perception are going to be essential as human being work alongside artificial intelligence systems.

The Mitchell Institute has issued another fantastic commentary piece on how Australia is leading the way in teaching capabilities, and there seems to be a key opportunity for us all to tap into this global trend as vocational education providers and help continue to pave the way.