Advancing Australia’s VET Sector – #11 2016


As we come to the end of this year, I think perhaps most of us are looking forward to waving 2016 a friendly goodbye. A tough year for many in the industry, and a rollercoaster of regulation changes and uncertain impacts. We take heart from ACPET’s Kit McMahon’s lead, in a column she recently wrote entitled: ‘Trying to see the forest for the trees at a time of crisis – our members leading the way’, in which she outlines a really positive perspective from which to view industry change.

How do we start to sense a potential future beyond this crazy reform – of imprecise information – of apparent inconsistent rules?

The wonderful answer is that it is those of us from within the industry who are most willing for it to change for the better. Members are asking some fundamental questions of the industry during this time of flux – how will students fund the gap to get a quality learning experience? What is the capacity of the country to skill its current and future workforce?

Pondering Kit’s questions, here at RTO Advance we took inspiration from Dr Martin Luther King, who stated ‘Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope’ – and although at the moment it may seem that’s all the sector is running on, providing quality and engaging learning for students is too important for all of us to give up on. I know you share our passion for vocational education and its’ ability to transform lives, and it is truly up to us to lead the way and continue to actively contribute to the public conversation to improve our own industry. I really do hope that this is the impetus for creating much needed positive and progressive change.

The announcement of the Pro Bono Australia #Impact25 Awards was another uplifting breather this month for us all here at RTO Advance, and we took some time to appreciate all the amazing, compassionate and worthwile contributions these twenty-five individuals are making to Australia and the world. Some really great stuff being done by good people, and we’ve included a link to the website so you can find out more.

To continue on the inspiration theme, we’ve also provided some great links on leadership and organisational development, and as online learning continues to gather pace we’ve included some holiday reading in there for you too.

Have a read through our curated local and global VET industry news  here >>

Wishing you all the best for a relaxing and fulfilling festive season with your loved ones, and all the very best in our quantum leap forward together for the Australian VET sector in 2017!

Judith Bowler

Educational Strategist & Founder, RTO Advance