5 steps to using audit compliance as an opportunity to grow your RTO

Here are five simple ways you can start to consider the possibilities of using your RTO’s annual audit to not only comply with industry regulations but to go the extra mile and proactively grow your RTO through setting your own standards of quality assurance and becoming an industry leader.

Set Your Own Benchmark of Excellence

Be one of the first to understand that compliance can be a valuable opportunity within the risk management strategy of your organisation. Instead of viewing it as an onerous task, harness the ability to differentiate your RTO from competitors by aligning your organisation’s quality assurance and compliance to the regulated standards – and then take a giant leap forward to set the industry benchmark.

Be Proactive

Start early with your strategic planning approach with a proactive approach to quality assurance and compliance. From our experience, the RTOs that achieve the best business results are the ones that avoid the costs of audit rectification and possible regulatory sanctions by starting their compliance preparations at least 6 months prior to their organisation’s re-registration date.

Conduct a Compliance Health Check on Your RTO

We understand it’s hard to keep up with today’s dynamic VET sector regulatory environment. That’s why smart RTO owners and managers bring in highly-qualified, industry experts to help them get ahead. Professional RTO advisors will help your team conduct an internal compliance health check and provide you with an Action Plan and support for getting your RTO audit ready.

Take it to The Next Level

Registered Training Organisations who are serious about positioning for strategic growth need a roadmap to get there. You should be incorporating strategic planning as part of your RTO’s growth strategy on an annual basis, to visualise and articulate the level you want to take your business – and how you’re going to get there.

Planning for future growth starts with improving and systemising your audit processes throughout the year so you can start scaling for success. But it doesn’t stop there. A detailed strategic business plan for a successful Registered Training Organisation will incorporate governance, operations, sales & marketing, staff development and student engagement.

Align Risk to Value Creation

Traditionally, the Australian VET sector has viewed the audit and compliance process as merely a means to an end. But what if you thought about it in a whole new light? What if complying with ASQA’s new learner-centred audit approach presented your RTO with a huge opportunity to step in front of the pack and lead the way for vocational education and training in Australia?

Is it time for your RTO to bring in the experts?

During this highly-turbulent time of change during COVID-19 and in the current dynamic Australian regulatory environment for the vocational education and training sector, if your RTO is coming up for re-registration this year it might be time for you to consider bringing in additional support for your team to give your business the best possible chance of achieving compliance and moving forwards to continued growth.

You might like to consider our new Remote Internal Audit Service, which we have developed  to assist our clients maintain a quality assured and compliant registered training organisation year-round with the aim of helping you grow your RTO proactively and maintaining your industry lead.

We also provide ASQA Compliance and Audit Rectification services as well as VET Learning and Assessment Materials.

Who we are

RTO Advance has over three decades industry experience in working with successful RTO’s to assess their readiness for regulatory audits, and to assist with implementing operational and academic improvements. We have an unparalleled reputation for expertise in the governance, compliance and management of RTOs. We are renowned for assisting existing RTOs achieve compliance and business expansion objectives and excel in assisting the establishment of new education enterprises.

Our Founder and Educational Strategist, Judith Bowler, is a well-respected industry professional who has been actively involved in the Australian vocational education sector during this time, including 20-years of operating a large and successful Australian RTO. Her passion lies in the transformational power of education and the changes it can make in people’s lives, and it is this professional ethos that inspires her commitment to working in partnership with RTOs to continue to advance the Australian VET sector.

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